Selasa, 28 April 2015

Getting to know what is HSV 1 and causes

Of course you have to know what is HSV 1 and some of the causes. This is done to provide better treatment with satisfactory results. Moreover, some dermatologists always give a different diagnosis through all parts of the skin condition. HSV 1 or often referred to as herpes is a skin disease caused by a virus. Usually this is a bacterial virus that is too long stuck to the skin. So your skin becomes irritated and wound up with burning conditions. Usually herpes like this appears on the lips, mouth, and the surface of the skin. However, some people experience this kind of herpes on the skin of the conditions is difficult to reach.

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Causes and diagnosis on what is HSV 1 give effect to all parts of the skin condition. Some dermatologists typically offer treatment through the wound condition and size of this herpes. The spread of viruses and bacteria on the skin such as herpes will begin with a state of fever in all parts of the body. These symptoms are considered will give effect to all the bacteria attach quickly. In fact, this phenomenon will also give excessive impact to the surface of the skin. Maybe you can make prevention the spread of herpes is by having a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, excessive weather conditions are also considered to be the main cause of many bacteria and viruses attach to the skin.

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Usually you will get some of the causes of what is HSV 1 like this. Many dermatologists consider that the impact on herpes like this a result of fatigue, easy emotional and physical stress, menstruation, and excessive trauma on the skin. To avoid the whole cause of this, you should maintain the condition of the entire body with complete nutrition. In addition, you also have to get enough rest time before doing a lot of outdoor activities. This will help you to avoid the growth of herpes virus in the skin. Perhaps you can also use the cleanser on the skin by dermatologist’s recommendation.